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Frequently asked questions

What is Blockrize?

Blockrize is a San Francisco-based financial technology company creating the Blockrize card, the first credit card with cryptocurrency rewards on every purchase (crypto back).

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The Blockrize card is a physical credit card issued by our partner bank that allows you to earn cryptocurrency while spending US dollars. After applying and getting approved for the card, you will create a Blockrize account and choose the cryptocurrency in which you would like to receive your rewards.

Through using the Blockrize card, you'll earn up to 3% back in crypto on every purchase!
You can receive the crypto rewards in whichever digital wallet you choose. We support every exchange and wallet type. If you don't have a digital wallet, we'll help you set one up.
No, the Blockrize card only allows you to spend US dollars but rewards those purchases with cryptocurrency.
We’re huge proponents of cryptocurrency and believe billions across the globe can benefit from this new technology. However, the barriers to acquiring it are too high. Many are unfamiliar with how to acquire cryptocurrency and justifiably worried about buying it with personal savings. We see the Blockrize card as an easy way for anyone to get involved and earn cryptocurrency. We hope that we can grow the cryptocurrency community so that everyone can appreciate its incredible benefits.
Currently, we support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Let us know which ones you would like us to add!
Yes, you can send your cryptocurrency to other wallets.
You can sell your cryptocurrency rewards at anytime through an exchange. The funds can then be transferred to your personal bank account.
Through our patent pending tax platform, we’ll calculate your taxes on cryptocurrency for you and allow you to easily provide all information requested by the IRS.
Security is a top priority for us. Blockrize adheres to and exceeds industry standard security practices including:
  • Enforcing secure connections to with SSL
  • Requiring two-factor authentication for certain account actions
Blockrize makes money through the processing fee merchants pay every time you use your card.
The Blockrize card is accepted everywhere major credit cards are accepted, both internationally and domestically.
Yes, using the Blockrize card will affect your credit history and can improve your credit score with responsible management.
We plan to launch the Blockrize card in 2020. Join the waitlist to get updates and early access!

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