Frequently asked questions

What is blockrize?

Blockrize is a San Francisco-based financial technology company that offers the blockrize card, a credit card with cryptocurrency rewards on every purchase (crypto back).

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The blockrize card is a physical credit card issued by our partner bank that allows you to earn cryptocurrency while spending US dollars. After applying and getting approved for the card, you will create a blockrize account and choose the cryptocurrency in which you would like to receive your rewards.

When you make a purchase with your blockrize card, you'll receive 1% crypto back which is stored in your digital wallet. You can access your wallet anytime through your blockrize account.
No, the blockrize card only allows you to spend US dollars but rewards those purchases with cryptocurrency.
After learning more about the promise of cryptocurrencies, we started investing in them. However, we grew tired of paying fees and buying at all-time highs. We saw the blockrize card as the perfect opportunity to invest extra cash into cryptocurrencies without paying fees. Plus you never have to worry about buying at the wrong time since you’ll earn cryptocurrency regardless of price fluctuation.
Earning 1% crypto back in Bitcoin and Ethereum during 2017 would have been the equivalent of receiving 6.7% and 16.6% cash back on every purchase. Receiving cryptocurrency rewards gives you the opportunity to earn much more than traditional credit cards.
Currently, only Bitcoin and Ethereum are available, although we are working to offer more options in the near future. Let us know which ones you would like us to add!
Yes, you can send your cryptocurrency to other wallets. Transactions between blockrize accounts are fee-free, but transactions outside of blockrize will incur a network fee.
You can sell your cryptocurrency rewards at anytime through your blockrize account. The funds can then be transferred to your personal bank account.
Yes, we are working on a solution to simplify filing your taxes.
Security is a top priority for us. Blockrize adheres to and exceeds industry standard security practices including:
  • Storing the vast majority of customer funds offline
  • Enforcing secure connections to with SSL
  • Requiring two-factor authentication for certain account actions including withdrawals
  • Using AES-256 bit encryption for wallets and private keys
In order to provide full transparency, a more detailed overview of all security measures will be released prior to accepting applications for the blockrize card.
Blockrize makes money through the processing fee merchants pay every time you use your card.
The blockrize card is accepted everywhere major credit cards are accepted, both internationally and domestically.
Yes, using the blockrize card will affect your credit history and can improve your credit score with responsible management.
We are working hard to launch the blockrize card as soon as possible in 2018. Join the waitlist to get updates and early access!

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