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Earn cryptocurrency with every purchase

Introducing the Blockrize card: the first credit card with rewards in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more

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Earning 1% back in Bitcoin for the past five years would've returned 16% on all purchases

Whether you’re an experienced investor or new to cryptocurrency, the Blockrize card allows anyone to easily earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through everyday purchases. Stop worrying about how and when to buy cryptocurrency and simply earn it fee-free every day.

Earn up to 3% back in crypto on every purchase

Choose which cryptocurrency you want and earn it every time you use your Blockrize card. All you do is swipe and we'll handle the rest.

No fees on cryptocurrency rewards

Sick of paying high exchange fees? With the Blockrize card you never pay fees on cryptocurrency so you keep 100% of the rewards.

Choose where to receive your rewards

Crypto rewards are automatically sent to the digital wallet you choose.

Track what you’ve spent and the rewards earned

Use the Blockrize app to check your cryptocurrency rewards and how they’ve grown over time.

See how the Blockrize card compares to other popular cards

*According to Chase, American Express, and Citi websites as of 10/1/19

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